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Title: 1 - Consensus-seeking Symposium on Geriatric Oral Health Assessment

Although most individuals are aging at an unprecedented rate, are keeping their natural teeth for longer, and are remaining relative in good health, others still experience tooth loss and oral diseases compounded by lower socio-economic status, lack of access to health care services and decreased quality of life. In turn, poor appearance, bad breath, dry mouth and social isolation can be a reality to many. In either case, oral health indicators have been developed for older adults in an attempt to cover a number of different disease and conditions, from dental decay to chewing and swallowing difficulties. The purpose of such indicators is to not only gauge the oral health status of an individual or population, but also to compare the oral health of different groups within the population, and different populations across different countries. Historically, measures have focused on oral diseases or conditions statuses alone, or on the functional and psychosocial impact of such diseases or conditions usually in the form of before and after treatment modalities. Although considerations have been given to the development of a comprehensive assessment in the form of a single indicator or index of oral function and disability in old age, there is not an acceptable measure of oral health to reflect a comprehensive geriatric oral health assessment that can be used by both dental and non-dental professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • To discuss the various geriatric oral health assessments
  • To participate on the refinement of the index of Clinical Oral Disorders in Elders
  • To contribute to the development of a consensus statement on geriatric oral health assessment

Supported by: The International College of Prosthodontics, The Association of Prosthodontics of Canada, and the GC Corporation

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