317 - 2020 Vision for m-Oral Health

8:00 am–9:30 am 22 June (Canada - Pacific)

CC, Room 222


CE Hours: 1.5

Seq #: 317 - 2020 Vision for m-Oral Health

Among the five main pillars of the WHO Oral Health Programme workplan 2018-20, one is directly targeting the use of digital technology to improve Oral Health. While e-OralHealth is a mature field and the application of mHealth (the medical or public health practice supported by mobile devices) has developed exponentially around the world over recent years, the implementation of such technology in oral health (m-OralHealth), remain a less developed field, and the evidence base for the use of m-OralHealth is limited. m-OralHealth solutions require rigorous evaluation to inform policies and strategies in oral health.
In line with the WHO mOralHealth Programme’s key components and global aims, the IADR e-Oral health research network propose a symposium in collaboration with WHO on this innovative topic. The aims is to present the WHO mOralHealth but also to promote, disseminate and develop a research agenda to increase the m-OralHealth evidence-base, as well as generate international cooperation, collaboration and research between experts in this area.
Symposium objectives: To share research of excellence that is being carried out in the field and engage oral health professionals, researchers and educators in discussing on WHO m-OralHealth Programme, mOralHealth tools and technologies for research and the practice of dentistry and oral health, as a way of improving effectiveness and reducing inequalities to access and in provision of Oral Health Care and decrease the burden of oral diseases and condition

Learning Objectives:

  • Be aware on the WHO mOralHealth Programme
  • Acquire information about research in m-OralHealth initiatives from around the world.
  • Identify gaps in current research in m-OralHealth.

Financial Interest Disclosure: NONE