Title: 1569 - Effect of periodontal treatment on inflammatory response in hypertensive patients - -


Catalina Latorre Uriza (Presenter)
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Nelly Roa, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Juliana Velosa-Porras, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Francina Escobar-Arregoces, pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Maria Jose De Larrauri, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Nicole Raad Bassil, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Verónica Royuela, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


Objectives: The objective of this study was to evaluate the serum levels of INFg, IL-10, IL-17, IL-1b, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8 y TNFa in patients with periodontitis and arterial hypertension.

Methods: An observational study was carried out that included 15 subjects (age: 60.4 years ± 8.06, 11 women and 4 men) with a diagnosis of arterial hypertension controlled with medication. Periodontal exam, serum levels of INFg, IL-10, IL-17, IL-1b, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8 y TNFa , levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, glycemia, blood count and blood pressure was recorded prior and after one month of non-surgical periodontal treatment

Results: There was a significant improvement in periodontal clinical parameters after treatment, which included number of teeth with periodontitis (p = 0.000), average pocket depth (p = 0.000), clinical attachment level (p = 0.027), bleeding on probing (p = 0.000) and plaque index (p = 0.000). The differences in mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure (p = 0.189, p = 0.852 respectively), glycemia (p = 0.205), cholesterol (p = 0.398), triglycerides (p = 0.103), HDL (p = 0. 256) ) and LDL (p = 0.448), also improved after treatment, however, these changes were not statistically significant. The levels of the cytokines evaluated (INFg, IL-10, IL-17, IL-1b, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8 y TNFa ) pre- and post-treatment did not show a significant change

Conclusions: After non-surgical periodontal treatment, hypertensive patients showed a significant improvement in clinical parameters of periodontal disease, as well as a reduction in blood pressure. Non-surgical periodontal treatment had no effect on the systemic inflammatory response in controlled hypertensive patients, after one month.


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