Title: 3921 - A Systematic Review of Accuracy of In-office Fabricated Implant Surgical Guides


Aous Abdulmajeed (Presenter)
Virginia Commonwealth University

Rami Ammoun, Virginia Commonwealth University
George Deeb, Virginia Commonwealth University
Sompop Bencharit, Virginia Commonwealth University


Objectives: Recent advancement of inexpensive desktop stereolithographic 3D printers allows clinicians to fabricate implant surgical guides in house for implant guided surgery. Systematic review was applied to summarize current literature and examine the accuracy of in office fabricated implant surgical guides.

Methods: Four databases including Pubmed and Web of Science were used to conduct the literature search. The combinations of terms, "dental implant", "guided surgery", "3D printer", "surgical guide" and "stereolithography" were applied to the literature from 2013 to 2018. All in vitro and in vivo examination of in office fabricated guides with sample size of at least 10 were included. Reviews, case report, n<10, no description of printer used, no implant deviation measurement were the exclusion criteria. Two reviewers, author RA and SB, reviewed all indentified abstracts indepentdently. The disagreements were settle with the third reviewer, author AA.

Results: 840 articles were included for the review. 35 articles were included in the full article review. However, only 9 articles were included in the final analysis utilized desktop 3D printers from 4 manufacturers. The range of impant accuracy are within clinical acceptable for guided surgery. The accuracy and precision of in-office fabricated implant guides are comparable to the ones fabricated by implant guide manufacturers. No surgical or prosthetic complications shown to be different from conventional guided implant surgeries.

Conclusions: Fabrication of in-office implant guides using stereolithography can facilitate the use of implant guided surgery with reduction of time and cost of guide fabrication. This may increase and expand the application of implant guided surgery and in turns improve implant surgery, prosthetic fabrication and long term implant treatment outcomes.


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