Professor (Associate) in Nanometrology and Dental Sciences
University College London
Toronto Ontario CANADA

Bozec’s lab @UofTDentistry focusses primarily on “Mechano-Biology for Healthcare” - follow @L_Bozec for updates

Investigating the mechano-biology of tissues at the nanoscale is paramount to establish not only the link between their forms and functions but also the inception of several diseases and disorders. With expertise in nanometrology and especially AFM & nanomechanics, Bozec’s lab focusses primarily on “Mechano-Biology for Healthcare” in research fields related to ageing, connective and mineralised tissue disorders and finally bacteriology Current Research topics in Bozec's group: 1) Living-Probe In this area of research, we are interested in functionalising AFM probe with "live-cell" in order to investigate the host-cell interactions. Using the AFM, we are routinely now functionalising probes with stem cells, fibroblasts, fungal and bacterial (gram+ and -) cells to measure their response to external stimuli as well as their adhesion with surfaces. 2) Quantitative Nano-Histology In this area of research, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional histological assessment by combining it with other materials characterisation modalities, such as AFM based nanomechanics as part of an adjunct diagnostics setup. Ehlers Danlos, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Scleroderma. 3) Evaluation of Optical Coherence Tomography as a diagnostics tool for dentistry and its applications to dental anomalies and other defects. In this area of research, we are keen to promote the use of OCT as part of clinical diagnostics for specific dental assaults and are developing both basics knowledge and metric to use this as an adjunct diagnostic approach. 4) Other projects: Damage assessment of historical and modern parchment and cellulose based artefacts - Development of novel conservations strategies.

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